How to Build 10×16 Gambrel Shed Plans Guide


Are you having a storage problems and looking to build a 10×16 Gambrel Shed? I  have good news for you. I have here how to build 10×16 gambrel shed plans step by step guide you can start using today.

Making a 10×16 Gambrel Shed in your backyard can solve a lot of storage problems for you and it can also give you a lot of space to play and experiment with. A Gambrel Shed gets its name from the Gambrel styled roof which it comes with.

A Gambrel roof has two angles at the top rather than just one. This not only makes the gambrel shed suitable for any whether but it also allows for more better usage of space. You can easily turn the top side of your shed into an attic if you so choose or just use it to stow away extra equipment.

How to Build 10×16 Gambrel Shed Plans Guide

Getting Prepared to Make Your 10×16 Gambrel Shed Plans:10x16 Gambrel Shed Plans

There are a few things that you need to take care of before you can make your 10×16 Gambrel shed. First of all get in touch with your local authorities with regards to the rules and regulations regarding outdoor construction in your area. Some localities require you to submit your designs along with a petition for a formal review before you can be allowed to construct your shed.

You will also need to design where to install your shed. Make sure that no neighboring houses are in the vicinity so that they may not be disturbed by the shed and its construction. If you construct the shed too close to their house then there is a chance that sun-light may be blocked or a part of their house might not get as much air as it used to. It will help if you inform them of your decision and also ask them where the shed may be placed so that they may not feel it impinging on them.

Getting the 10×16 Gambrel Shed Plans:

After you have found out what you need to do get the permission it is time to get to work. The very first thing you will need is a good set of 10×16 Gambrel Shed Plans. You can get them from any where ranging from the internet to your local home improvement store. Make sure that you have adequately researched before you get your Gambrel shed plans, as these will set the tone of your work.

Getting the Materials:

Most of the materials that you will be requiring can easily be sourced from any hardware store. Also stick to your plans on this one; any Gambrel shed plans begins with a list of materials and tools that you will be requiring to construct your Shed.

Setting Up the Gambrel Shed’s Foundations:

Shed foundations come in two flavors: Temporary foundation and a Permanent Foundation. Temporary foundation is built on skids; for which gravel is placed on the ground which is then topped with a wooden grid. The grid will have the exact measurements as the base of the shed. For a more permanent foundation on the other hand, concrete is the best solution.

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