12×16 Gambrel Shed Plans, A Cost Saving Storage Solution


Are you struggling with storage space in your home? Have you considered building a 12×16 gambrel shed? Checkout this 12×16 gambrel shed plans, a cost saving solution ideas.

Probably the most consistent complaint of new homeowners is that they don’t have enough storage space. As incredible as it may be, many modern homes do not have functional basements or large attics. That means that people must find a place for everything in their closets or in the garage. But what do you do about landscaping equipment? In this article we are going to talk about 12 X 16 gambrel shed plans.

12×16 Gambrel Shed Plans A Cost Saving Storage Solution

12x16 Gambrel Shed Plans, A Cost Saving Storage Solution

The Downside Of Prefabricated Sheds

The problem with purchasing a prefabricated shed is the costs can be prohibitive. For example, it may cost up to two thousand dollars to build a new shed with all of the best materials. In the end, you will have to choose between a shed that will last and one that can provide you with an immediate storage solution.

Prefabricated storage sheds can be purchased at just about any home and garden center and can be assembled in only an hour or two. The only drawback is that these shed are seldom built to last. The average 12 X 16 gambrel shed plans can save you at least a thousand dollars over the prefab models.

It is also important to note that prefab models often utilize inferior materials in the never-ending quest to save money. Unfortunately, these models are almost always of inferior quality and they may be damaged by harsh environments. Specifically, when prefab units are constructed of untreated wood, water will often warp, rot or spilt the underside of the shed.

Using Longer Lasting Materials

For this reason, we recommend that all builders who are interested in 12 X 16 gambrel shed plans invest in low maintenance solutions. Now, when we say low maintenance, we are speaking specifically of materials that can be quickly and affordably substituted for more popular building materials.

For example, builders can use steel doors instead of wood or vinyl windows in place of glass. These substitution will not only save builders hundreds of dollars in future repairs, but they will also cut down on maintenance cuts and extend the lifespan of the average shed by several years.

Tools Required When Using 12X16 Gambrel Shed Plans

When building a shed of your own, the most important consideration is the building costs. But beyond that, the tools that you will need are fairly standard. For instance, you will need a hammer, tape measure, chalk line, handsaw and a jigsaw. Now, all of these tools and machines are quite popular with people who enjoy woodworking or home projects.

Location Of The Shed On Your Property

Lastly, we want to talk about the location of the shed. Before you build, it is imperative that you locate a tract of land that is relatively level. As we mentioned, building a shed on a slope or declination could be disastrous due to the effect that groundwater can have on the floor of the shed.

When building a new shed, it is important to start on level ground and to provide a good foundation that lifts the shed up and guards against moisture. It is also important to make certain that the shed can accommodate any tool or machine that you need to store. This may require a slightly higher roof or a pair of double doors.

Building your own outdoor shed is one of the most satitfying DIY projects a person can undertake, be it becasue of the cost saving you can achieve or just having an excuse to play with your tools… either way you will have a fantastic solution to your storage problems.

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