15 Backyard Shed Designs Ideas You Will Love


Whether you are short of space in your house and looking for ways to declutter it or you are simply trying to add some charm into your backyard garden, backyard shed will be a great way to do that. Checkout the 15 backyard shed designs ideas we have here for inspiration.

15 Backyard Shed Designs Ideas You Will Love

1. DIY Wood Pallet Shed

An impressive build using found pallets. Get the  how-to here.

2. Open Dining Space

Love this idea with an open entryway leading into an outdoor/indoor space. And apparantly you can order one (in the Netherlands, mind you), but still you can. More info via messynessychic.com.

3. Outdoor Office

This simple lean to shed could be your summer studio. This one you can buy. Click here for more info.

4. DIY Four-Door Shed

Make an adorable shed made from four doors. Click here for the instructions.

5. DIY Potting Shed

Could a potting shed get any cuter? Uh, nope!  By Nitty Gritty Dirt Man. Via The Owner Bbuilder Network. Click here for the plans!

6. DIY Modern Shed

A modern take on a shed with a roll up metal door (perfect for the bikes). Click here for the directions.

7. Wood Garden Shed

Such a cute space to start your flowers. Or a home office? This one is to buy. Click here for more info.

8. Studio Shed

From storage to studio, this one comes as a customized pre-fab. Click here for more details.

9. Backyard Bedroom

Great for guests! A bedroom in the backyard.  Click here for more info.

10. Wood Shingled Shed

Part greenhouse, part garden shed, and an open front porch that makes it look like a tiny house.Via BHG.

11. Craft Shed

A place just for crafts. Dreamy. More info here.

12. Backyard Sauna

A little extravagant, but while we’re dreaming. A backyard wood burning sauna anyone? Click here for more info.

13. Backyard Studio


This charming backyard garden shed has been transformed into a beautiful art studio. Not only is the space relaxing, but also the fact that it was constructed from a shed makes the space much more affordable than having to go and build and office space from scratch. Once you have the groundwork done and your shed layout, you can decorate it any way you choose to make it uniquely you.

14. Deck Shed


This deck shed would make the perfect get together spot during the next garden party or barbecue. The shed itself can act as a sitting area for sipping cocktails, with mini tables and chairs scattered about the deck for more space. It would surely be a charming venue and act as a spacious guest would be sure to remember going out in the future!

15. Spa Enclosure


Need a space to unwind and relax? Turning an old shed into a spa wonderland is not that far-fetched! Space could easily be converted into an area for your hot tub or even turned into a sauna. If you have a hot tub already, it would be easy to use a shed to build a protective covering around it. If you do not have a hot tub, you can start from scratch and turn the outdoor shed into the luxury spa of your dreams!


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