5 Steps to How to Build Backyard Storage Shed Ideas


If you are thinking about building your first storage shed, but wonder if you can pull it off, you'll be able to find out in the next few minutes.

Here are 5 steps to how to build a backyard storage shed ideas. Of course, if you decide to go for it, there are more in-depth articles about each of the steps, and I suggest you learn more about each phase of the building process.

How To Build A Backyard Storage Shed Ideas

If you're looking for shed plans on how to build a backyard storage shed ideas, the first thing you should do is get a good set of plans.

Not only will this guide you through the process of constructing your new shed, it will also help you find the best materials that are suited for your project. After you've decided what you want the shed made out of, you can then move onto the actual building process.

There are plenty of places where you can get these plans. Most of them will be either online or in a home improvement magazine. This way you'll be able to find some plans that are specially designed for your needs and budget.

Once you have chosen which ones you would like to use, it's time to choose a plan design. Depending on your preferences there are many styles to choose from. The more simple the plan is the better it will be, so try and get something that's not too complex.

Some of the other things to consider when you're looking into backyard storage shed ideas are the location of your shed and what you want to store in it.

When you know the purpose of the shed, you'll know where to place it to maximize space and make the most use of your space. Think about your storage needs and then start trying to figure out how big you want your shed to be.

Once you know where you want your shed located you can then start to look at how to build a backyard storage shed ideas. The plan you choose should guide you as to how many materials you need and how long it should take before you actually start building.

You should also know the basic tools you'll need to get through the construction. If you don't have these tools, look for a local hardware store or a do-it-yourself site on the Internet to purchase all of the necessary tools.

Once you know what tools and materials you'll need as you can then begin to look for a set of plans to build your shed. There are many different sources available, so you'll want to look around as much as possible. One thing to keep in mind is the quality of the plans and materials.

It doesn't matter how cheap you buy them, if they're not well designed and constructed there's a good chance they won't last long and won't be worth the money you spend. Be careful of free plans and look for high quality plans with a solid track record.

Now that you know how to build a backyard storage shed it's time to decide what type of shed you want to build. The main goal here is to have the shed be functional and easily maintained.

Think about the design and size of the area you're going to be storing items in and then determine the best configuration. Don't make the mistake of putting a shed on an area where people will easily get to it; they may need to access it through another route.

You also need to think about whether you're going to be using a do-it-yourself project or if you're going to hire someone to construct it for you. If you're going to hire someone, then you should look at their previous work and see how much experience they have.

Find out what kind of guarantee they have for their work. Make sure that they're licensed and that they follow any building regulations in your area.

Most importantly, find out how much it will cost to have all of the material ready to go when you need them. Some companies charge a few dollars per square foot to have the materials delivered.

As you can see, learning how to build a backyard storage shed starts with proper planning. Make sure that you determine how big of a shed you want, how many feet in length, and how big your yard is before you start shopping around.

The best way to save time and money on shed plans is to check out different websites and learn from those who have already gone through the process. They'll be able to give you insider advice and will even help you decide which type of shed will best suit your needs.

5 Steps to How to Build Backyard Storage Shed Ideas

5 Steps to How to Build Backyard Storage Shed Ideas

  1. The first step in building a storage shed is to design or purchase plans. When planning your storage shed, there are several methods you may choose to use. You may choose to use a kit, buy a set of plans and build from them, or purchase software to design your plans yourself. Each option allows you to customize your shed to suit your needs for functionality and space.
  2. Next, you need to choose the shed site. An important part of building a storage shed is choosing the proper location. You will need to take into consideration many factors when deciding where to place your new shed. Items such as zoning, the direction of sunlight, location of utility lines, and many other factors must all be taken into consideration. Planning ahead before you begin to build will save you problems later on. So, before beginning construction, assess your site carefully!
  3. Once you have your plans, it is time to prepare your storage shed site. There are many methods available, and you will have to choose the one that is right for you. You may choose to put your site directly on the ground, have a cement pad poured to place it on, or dig out a foundation and fill it to level with gravel. No matter which method you choose, it is important not to neglect this important step.
  4. Next, you need to frame the walls and build the actual shed. Use your plans as a guideline for measuring, cutting, and framing each piece as necessary. Soon, you'll have unique storage shed that you've built from scratch. As you build, plan what features you'd like to add to your shed. For example, do you want doors that open or a garage-type door? Do you need shelves for storage? How many windows do you want to add, and on which walls?
  5. Last, it is time to add finishing touches such as caulk and paint. It is important to finish your project with caulk and paint if you want it to withstand the weather and last long-term. These substances will add protection to your shed, giving it beauty and durability. You can also customize your shed to complement the color of your house. These creative touches will give your new storage shed a unique appearance that you can be proud of.

You now have a general idea of the steps necessary to build a storage shed. Be sure to choose plans that suit your needs, and fit well with the color and construction of your house.

Prepare the site carefully, using one of the methods above. Frame and build it according to the plans you've designed or purchased.

Then add the finishing touches, such as caulk, paint, and trim. You'll soon have a storage shed that will be the envy of the neighborhood, and you'll be able to answer proudly “Yes, I built it for me!”

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