How to Build a Brick Shed A Step By Step Guide


Are you planning to build a brick shed but don't know how to how to get started? Check out this expert step-by-step guide on how to build a brick shed.

Any home would greatly benefit from having a storage shed in its yard. It can be used to house a variety of belongings such as your tools, garden equipment, your barbecue, firewood, and even your bicycle and other stuff.

And if you want extreme durability and strength, a shed that will last a lifetime, then forget the traditional wooden storage shed, a brick shed is what you need.

How To Build A Brick Shed: Things To Remember

Learning how to build a brick shed starts with learning about the necessary prerequisites. Without these, you would not be able to erect any kind of storage shed.

A lack of knowledge is the most common reason why people get into tricky situations when they try to learn how to build a brick shed. With the right kind of instruction, a person can easily build a shed without any trouble.

The first thing that you have to take care of is getting all the required tools for learning how to build a brick shed.

There are many of them in the market. You can easily find them in your local hardware store. Make sure that you choose those tools that are best suited for the construction of the structure you are going to build.

Next, you will have to have a clear idea of how you are going to build a brick shed. This includes deciding on the size and design of the structure.

how to build a brick shed

Make sure that you have a clear idea about the purpose of the building before proceeding further. In the case of a storage area, you can use a simple one-door unit. On the other hand, for a workshop, you can opt for a two-door unit.

The next step in learning how to build a brick shed is learning about the different kinds of materials that are used in the construction of such structures.

This includes wood, plastic, and metal. All of these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Wood is the most common material that is used in the construction of a storage shed. This is because it is easy to handle and also durable enough to stand the test of time.

Plastic sheds are also easy to handle and durable. However, they do not hold up well when it comes to heavy rains or extreme temperatures.

On the other hand, metal is the best choice when it comes to how to build a brick shed. This is because the metal is easy to handle and very durable. It can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

The last thing that you need to know about how to build a brick shed is the cost of the project. Of course, you will be able to estimate this based on how large the shed is.

However, you should also bear in mind that the cost can increase depending on the material that you choose to use. The material can either increase or decrease the cost of the shed project.

If you want the project to be cheap, then you should go for scrap materials. On the other hand, if you want the project to be as efficient as possible, then you should stick with using quality materials.

Once you know how to build a brick shed, the next step that you have to take is to think about the location of the shed. It is essential to make sure that your shed is near a source of water.

This will help you in keeping your shed free from mold and mildew. If you are able to choose a good location, then you will also be able to save some money from heating and cooling expenses.

Once you know how to build a brick shed, you can start constructing. This can either be done by yourself or by getting the help of a contractor.

Make sure that you only get the help of a professional who knows everything about building construction. This will ensure that your shed will serve you for a long time.

5 Ways to Build A Great Brick Shed You Will Be Proud Off

Step 1. Check out your location. Make sure that you have sufficient space for your storage shed, allowing extra space around it and about a couple of feet away from your fence.

Steer clear of trees that may act as a hindrance to your roof, or have falling branches and fruits that can damage it. Also, you need to check with your local planning and zoning commission about your plans and the dimensions of your brick shed.

Step 2. Be sure to clean the area where you plan to build your brick shed. Clear it of any debris, roots, rocks, and weeds. Also make sure that there are no pipes, cables, wires running underneath.

Draw an outline of the dimensions of your brick shed, you can do this by using paint in a can, spraying the outline on the soil.

Step 3. After clearing up the soil, dig inside your outline with a depth of about eight inches. For the base, transfer inside the sand, about two inches will do.

Compact the soil and make sure that it is leveled. Using a post digger, dig six holes, three on each side of your outline, about 4 inches deep. You will use this for the posts where you will attach your roof later on. Place the posts inside and pour cement to hold them in.

Step 4. You can now pour in your cement for your foundation; it should be about six inches deep and make sure to level it. Leave to completely dry. When completely dry, layout your bricks.

Lay the bricks around the base and when you are finished on all four sides, lay down some mortar and place the next layer.

Make sure that the second layer of brick is centered on the top of where two bricks on the lower layer meet. This is so that your brick wall will be stable.

Continue until you have reached the desired height. Make sure that the bricks are tightly packed so that water could not seep in. Don’t forget to leave an opening for your door and windows.

Step 5. Leave a gap of about three to four inches for ventilation for the frame of the roof. Connect your lumber from one side of the post to the other.

Make a six-inch overhang for each lumber. Level your frame. If you want a slanting roof, make one side about three to four inches higher. You can now add your roof. You can use shingles, aluminum, or plastic, depending on your choice.

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