Cedar Shed Plans Ideas, The Benefits of Cedar Shed Plans


If you are looking to build a cedar shed, you might consider using cedar shed plans. By using cedar shed plans ideas instead of buying a pre-built shed you could come out ahead in the long run.

Some websites that offer plans for outbuildings offer you complete cross-sectional diagrams of the plans so that you can see exactly how everything should be put together.

This is a huge improvement over the little blueprints that only give you one view. You might have to use a magnifying glass in order to see a certain piece better, and they didn't come with any better pictures of it either.

They will also come with a detailed list of the materials needed to make the building. This takes the guesswork out of how much to buy of what. You can also choose to stain the building which would not really add that much to the final cost of the outbuilding.

Or you can spend a little bit extra and get the cedar that has already been treated. Either way, the choice is yours as to which type and quality of material you will buy.

The one thing that you should not have to buy is a lot of special and expensive tools. Most cedars shed plans will have instructions that include the use of common tools like hammers and saws. There should not be too much on the list that you don't already have somewhere around the house.

The only tool that I can think of that you might not have would be a level. These are really not that common for people who do not do some construction work. Fortunately, levels are relatively easy to use and not overly pricey to buy.

cedar shed plans ideas, the benefits of cedar shed plans

Cedar Shed Plans Ideas, The Benefits of Cedar Shed Plans

Below we take a look at the benefits of cedar shed plans.

Cedar Shed Plans Benefits #1

This material is ideal for constructing sheds for a backyard as they are both naturally resilient to rot and insect infestations because of the properties within them. Yes, the cedar wood will need protection but not to the same kind of level as other forms of wood would.

Cedar Shed Plans Benefits #2

For those who live in an area where there are considerable amounts of moisture in the air then building a storage space for your garden from cedar shed plans is to be considered seriously.

Yes, the initial cost of constructing such a structure may seem high in comparison to building a shed from pine or plywood but you will end up saving money over time. This is because the shed doesn't suffer so many problems caused by moisture and so will not require mending as often.

Cedar Shed Plans Benefits #3

Although you may want to use something to protect the cedar in the shed construction you don't need to use preservatives that could be potentially hazardous to your health. Again there are properties within the cedar that naturally help to deter insects that could do harm to the exterior of your shed.

Cedar Shed Plans Benefits #4

If you want a shed that remains cool in summer but warm in winter then one constructed from cedar is the best. The cedar structure is made of small air pockets that help with its wonderful insulating properties. Along with having higher insulation properties than other forms of wood, it is also much higher than you would find in concrete or brick structures.

Cedar Shed Plans Benefits #5

Finally when it comes to constructing a storage space in your yard then you should again be considering building yours using cedar shed plans.

This wood is lightweight and so is much easier to handle so building from it becomes a lot easier. Plus although a very durable wood you will find that cedar is not only easy to cut and plane but also to shape, glue and nail together.

So as you can see from above there are numerous reasons why using cedar shed plans ideas to construct a storage space in your backyard should be considered over any others.

Cedar Shed Kits – The Easy Way to Build a Shed

If you're thinking about building a shed, consider a cedar shed kit. This type of kit comes with everything that you need to build a storage structure.

It even includes pre-fabricated hardware and pre-cut pieces of lumber that allow it to be put together in a snap. You can do all of the cutting and trim work yourself.

This makes building this type of shed easily and very affordable. You don't have to hire a carpenter and you don't have to buy lots of material.

The cedar shed kit will have everything you need right out of the box, including the pieces for the foundation and the walls. It will also include the floor joists and floor deck.

These two items are important in a cedar shed kit. Without these important pieces, your shed is not going to be strong enough to withstand the weather.

cedar shed kit

After you've put together the framing pieces, you're going to have to choose what you want to use as the interior. Pre-made cabinets or units are a great choice for any cedar shed. These pre-made models are often inexpensive and have beautiful lines.

You can find many of them unfinished, but if you'd like to stain them, they are also available. A pre-made unit is just going to cost you less than purchasing an entirely new pre-made cabinet.

Another cedar shed feature is the door. While it may be built with screws and nails, there are cedar door kits that include everything you need to build the doors yourself. You'll have to choose the style doors, and then choose the wood of your choice to finish the doors in.

The doorway is going to seal in the moisture so you want to make sure it's a durable wood door. Pine doors are great for this. Cedar is even better because it's highly resistant to the weather. If it's kept indoors all year long, it won't rot or crack even though it's been neglected.

Now you can design your cedar shed kit to look exactly like any other cedar shed you can find. You can build a small rectangular shed if you don't mind not having much room.

Or you can build a larger cedar shed with plenty of space. It all depends on what you're going for. And you can't go wrong with either style. Whether you choose a traditional or modern look, you can do it with cedar.

The cedar shed kit will come with everything you need to put it together. All the materials you'll need for the framing, the door and all the hardware you need.

If you don't feel comfortable doing it, there is a great manual included with the kit that will explain everything you need to know. Even though it is simple, the thought and effort put into this project shows a level of skill and attention to detail that you can't be fooled for.

In addition to the cedar shed kit, you'll also get the satisfaction of a beautiful and functional finished product. You'll have an item that is uniquely your own. No one else will have.

Because it's your own, you can be as creative and different as you want. Yours will be unique and stand out in your yard. That's just one more reason why it's a good idea to build it yourself.

Building your own wood sheds requires a level of experience and knowledge. It is easy to get wrong or make mistakes. When you build a cedar shed kit from scratch, you can check the construction.

If there are any problems, it's right there at the inspection station you'll be using. If you make any modifications, you can undo them without having to start over.

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting on your finished product and watching it take shape. When it's done, you have something that is of your own making.

Your storage shed will blend in perfectly with your surroundings. You won't have to worry about anyone else seeing it. You can keep it out of sight in the garage or shed. You can keep it out of the way until it's time to use it.

No matter what type of structure you're building, you can find a cedar shed kit to suit you. Cedar wood has been a mainstay of the home and garden for centuries.

Today, it is used not only for structures but for shelving and outdoor furniture as well. The durability of cedar makes it an ideal material. Plus, it blends in so well with its surroundings. It has a unique aroma that some people find disturbing, but most appreciate.

How Long Will a Cedar Shed Last?

The durability of a cedar shed is such that a reasonably designed building should last for at least 15 years.

If you are building a garden shed for your backyard, then you need to know how long will a cedar shed last? Cedar is a wonderful wood for garden sheds, decks, and other structures because it has natural antibacterial properties.

It repels both termites and rot. Plus, the fine grain of the wood allows it to be woven into carpets and cushions. Its durability makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Cedar has been used for building outdoor buildings for hundreds of years. The first wooden sheds were used to construct outbuildings for grazing livestock. Now, sheds are used for storage and garden tools and equipment.

Some people even build outhouses out of the wood they harvest from their trees. The beauty of cedar is that it has a unique grain that is darker in color than most woods and does not change with time unlike other woods that become less attractive as the weather becomes aged.

Cedar wood is rot resistant and insect proof. It does not rot if it is left outdoors all year long. If you build a shed in your backyard, then you can leave the wood outside through the winter. You can also treat pine for insect repellent if you want your shed to stay looking great all year long.

When you decide to build a shed from cedar wood, then you need to plan ahead so that you can get all of the pieces when they are available.

Sometimes these pieces can be difficult to find if you are only interested in building a small shed. In addition to the pieces, you will also have to purchase the lumber, screws, hinges and other hardware that you need for construction.

Once you have gathered all of the necessary materials, then you are ready to start building your cedar shed. Remember to always make sure that you have plenty of access for you to clean up any mistakes that you may make.

If the shed has no rails, then you should consider adding some. Cedar is very easy to work with and can withstand minor irregularities so that your shed will look wonderful for years to come.

How long will a cedar shed last is solely dependent upon the quality of the materials that you choose to use for the construction. You can add accessories to the shed such as planters or flower boxes that can be used to beautify your outdoor space.

You can find pre-fabricated designs that are pre-built so that you do not have to worry about measuring, cutting or anything else that can get overwhelming after you have started construction. Take the time to shop around and compare prices online. You will be surprised at how affordable building a cedar shed can be.

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