Diy Outdoor Shed Plans, 9 Factors to Consider Before Building Your Shed


Are you looking for diy outdoor shed ideas to solve your storage problems? Checkout this post about 9 factors to consider before building your diy outdoor shed ideas.

Are you an amateur shed builder? It is very important for you to have exact shed plans before you start construction of your shed. To find the right diy outdoor shed ideas, you need to know exactly what kind of shed you want to build. Here are the nine most important questions you need to ask yourself, so that you can select the most suitable shed blueprints.

Diy Outdoor Shed Plans, 9 Factors to Consider Before Building Your Shed

diy outdoor shed ideas

1. What are you going to do with the shed?

For most people, a shed is just an outdoor storage space. However, your needs may be different. You may want to use the shed as additional living space. Determine how exactly you are going to utilize the shed and then plan accordingly. If the shed is merely for storage purposes then you can build simple interiors and focus more on space rather than an aesthetic design.

If you have an open wall in your garden you should think of building a lean-to shed, or else go for the free-standing design.

To allow faster and easier access to the contents of the shed, you can think of keeping one side completely open if there is a perimeter fence around you home.

If you are going to store inflammable gas and paints in the shed, make sure you build enough windows for proper ventilation.

If you are going to store potted plants in the shed, you can build a skylight into the roof for natural lightning.

2. How much are you willing to spend?

After you have decided how you are going to use the shed, it’s time to put an upper limit on your budget. How much time and money are you willing to spend? To keep the cost of construction low, you can recycle used timber. Used doors and windows can also be bought from friends and relatives and reused in the shed.

3. Which material will you use for construction?

The cheapest material which can be used for building the shed is wood. Wood also looks natural and blends in nicely with the landscape. Make sure that you use good quality wood for the shed frame and the roof. This will ensure the durability of the shed. Visit your local DIY store or lumberyard to sample the various types of wood available and compare prices. Cedar and pine are widely used in the construction of sheds.

4. How large do you want the shed to be?

To answer this question, look at the size of the available land. It is better to build the shed a bit bigger than you actually want. This will allow you to have some extra space for possible future needs. You can also think of having a loft for additional storage space. A gable roof will allow for maximum storage space beneath the roof.

5. What is the best location for constructing the shed?

If you have only one clear piece of land available then you don’t have much of a choice for the construction site. However, if you have multiple sites to choose from, then you need to pick the best spot. Make sure the land does not have any slant. Pick the land with the most firm and solid ground.

Make sure there’s enough clear space around the door of the shed for easily moving things in and out. If possible try to pick a location which is open on all sides and receives the maximum air and sunlight.

6. Will the shed need to be waterproof?

If you live in a region which receives heavy rainfall or snow, you may want to take extra measures to insulate the shed and protect it from water seepage. If water seeps into the wood then freezes in winter, it can expand and cause cracks in the wood which will have disastrous results.

7. Do you need a permit for construction?

Don’t guess the answer. Talk to you local building department and find out the legal ordinances for constructing outdoor structures. Sometimes smaller sheds don’t need a permit but it is always better to ask first. The rules may vary from state to state.

8. Will you need external help?

Are your woodworking skills good enough for you to finish this project on your own? If not, do you have any friends who are great craftsmen? Would you need to hire someone to help you out? Think of all these factors before you jump to construction.

9. Where can I find some good outdoor shed plans?

You can find shed blueprints in DIY magazines and your local DIY store. You can find free and paid shed plans on the internet. Once you have answered all the earlier questions, you should now have a good idea of the type of shed you want to build, so picking the right diy outdoor shed ideas should be easy.

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