How to Build Gambrel Shed Plans Step By Step


Are you thinking of building a storage shed to declutter your house but don't know where to start? Have you considered gambrel shed plans yet? Check out this post about how to build gambrel shed plans step by step.

If you want to build a shed with big storage space inside, it might be a good idea to look over some gambrel shed plans.

The roof of a gambrel shed is designed in such a way that allows for additional space for storage which is why it is preferred by people who are short on actual land space.

Gambrel shed is also known as barn shed. Quite an apt name too as it closely resembles an old barn with its roof consisting of two slopes on either side.

The first slope is a shallow one and it is followed by a steeper slope. The space underneath the roof can be used as an attic for additional storage.

Once you've thoroughly decided on building your own shed, it would help that you consider these different aspects of the construction first:

Tips For Choosing gambrel Shed Plans

Are you thinking of building a gambrel shed? It is an excellent choice especially if you have limited space and need a place for storing all of your stuff.

You can find lots of free plans for sheds on the internet or in home improvement stores. A great advantage is that you can do the shed yourself, even if you're a complete beginner. However, before you begin, there are a few things you need to consider:

gambrel shed plans

1.  Gambrel shed designs.

There are many types of gambrel shed designs available on the market. You should do a lot of research before buying one.

For example, some of them have more than one door while others have only one. Knowing the basics will help you choose the best design for your shed.

2. Choose the right materials.

The most important aspect in determining the quality of the materials is the type of material used. You should be able to determine the material type easily by feeling it.

Although you can always ask a professional or someone who has built previous gambrel sheds, this will be very costly. Instead, you can use common sense and purchase materials that are durable and affordable.

3. Go for cheap and affordable materials.

This will save you money. If the materials are of good quality, they will last longer. However, some materials, although expensive, are actually of poor quality so it's up to you to determine which ones to get.

4. Select the right tools.

Before starting to work on the project, make sure that all of the tools and equipment you will need are in your garage or garden shed.

If you plan to buy materials from the store, check how long it will take to assemble them. Some materials are easier to assemble compared to others. You can also ask a friend or a coworker to help you out.

5.  Create a budget.

Decide on how much you are willing to spend. Assembling a gambrel shed shouldn't be too expensive.

However, if you want a unique shed, then it's recommended to acquire the best quality materials available. Therefore, you have to calculate every possible thing that you can use.

6. Do some research.

If you plan to assemble the materials yourself, you must do some homework first to avoid wasting materials.

Consider the location where you're going to place the gambrel shed. It's best to choose materials that won't be destroyed easily.

7. Choose materials that are of good quality.

Even though materials are relatively cheap, the quality is still important.

A gambrel shed made of low-quality materials may only last for few years and you might end up spending more in the long run.

8. Choose the right design.

There are so many designs available online that you'll be hard-pressed to choose which one is best suited for your needs. One tip is to consider the scale of the gambrel shed that you want to build.

This will narrow down your choices. Then look at other gambrel shed plans to see if there's a similar design available. It can also be a good idea to consult a home improvement magazine such as “The Better Homes”.

9. Choose the right materials.

Make sure that the material that you're going to use is durable and weather-resistant. gambrel shed should be able to withstand the elements.

It is better to invest in materials that can resist rain, snow, heat, and wind for better durability. Most materials come with warranties, but you can get high-quality ones from reputable dealers. Choose quality products that can give you satisfaction in the end.

10. Invest in a workshop.

A workshop should include all the necessary tools needed. Put them in order and plan how to do each step before you start with your project. It is also a good idea to gather all the materials together before you start working on it.

A workshop includes all the necessary items needed such as wood, steel, and lumber. It is very important to make a list of these materials and their locations so that everything will go smoothly.

12. Invest in planning.

Gambrel sheds are fairly easy constructions and can usually be finished in a couple of days. This should be a fun project that you can work on with your family.

However, to ensure a professional finish, ensure that the materials are collected beforehand and that you do some research before you begin the construction.

How to Build Gambrel Shed Plans Step By Step

Preparation and Planning

Every building process should start with ample planning and preparation. To build a shed, preparation consists of inquiring your local zoning department if you are going to need a permit if you wish to build a shed of a particular size.

Most areas require permits for sheds of certain sizes. You have to ask for this information in your area as this varies depending on your location.

During the planning process, you also need to do a survey of the location of your gambrel shed.

Please note that you need to pick a good location if you don't wish to experience some problems later on. For example, consider the integrity of the soil if it allows for a building. Location with soft soils is generally not good for this purpose as it can compromise the structure of the shed once the soil shifts later on.

Foundation and Materials

Every good structure needs a solid foundation. The same thing is true for gambrel sheds. Generally, the are two popular choices when it comes to shed foundation. These are the skids and concrete.

Skids are commonly used if you wish to build a temporary structure. With this type of foundation, you only need to place gravels on the area where your shed is going to be built. The floor structure of the shed is then built over this gravel.

A concrete foundation, on the other hand, is used for a permanent shed structure. For this type of foundation, you need to mark the exact perimeter of your shed using wire mesh.

After that, you will have to mix concrete and spread it evenly and smoothly in the whole area of your shed. When the concrete dries, you can then proceed to build the wall of the shed.

Gambrel Shed Plans

Building the walls of a gambrel shed is much like building any other shed structure. The difference lies in the roof structure. For this, you will need good gambrel shed plans so you can build the roof much easier.

The roof of this type of shed is intricately built and that is why I strongly suggest that you get a gambrel shed plan that has an elaborate illustration of the process. This will definitely make your job easier.

Gambrel Shed Plans Faqs

1. How do you build a gambrel shed?

Cut the sheets at the best shape and measurements. Attach the sheets to the structure and lock them into location with 1 5/8 ″ nails, every 8 ″ along with the framework. Construct the overhangs for the barn shed.

2. What are the angles of a gambrel roof?

(A lot of gambrel roofs angle lower trusses at 60 levels and also the upper trusses at 30 levels.) Purchase your trusses, after that lay four out on a flat surface area. Make use of a pencil or chalk to mark the angles of your two lower trusses and two upper trusses.

3. How do you put metal on a gambrel roof?

Begin at one lower corner along the gambrel end. Install the first sheet with one long edge parallel and also flush with the gambrel end and also the short end flush with the bottom side of the decking. Mount the next item side by side, overlapping it according to the maker's recommended range along the long edge.

4. How wide can a gambrel roof be?

A gambrel roof plan can span between 16 to 24 feet.

5. What does gambrel roof mean?

Gambrel roof means a roof with a lower steeper slope and an upper less steep one on each of its two sides.

6. What is the advantage of a gambrel roof?

Like mansard roof coverings, gambrel roofs enable added space for an added flooring or attic. It's because of this that gambrel roofs are so preferred amongst barns as well as sheds. They can offer additional storage space without using up any type of extra area.

7. What is the difference between a gambrel roof and a mansard roof?

The difference between both is that the gambrel just has two sides, while the mansard has four. Similar to mansard, the lower side of the gambrel roof has an almost upright, steep slope, while the upper incline is a lot reduced. Gambrel roofs are also a wonderful idea for outdoor sheds and also storage buildings.

8. Where are gambrel roofs most common?

The classic design gambrel roof is one of the most common roofing systems found upon barns and sheds due to the fact that it takes full advantage of the quantity of useful room.

9. How much is a pre-built shed?

The rate of a regular-sized premade shed starts from $1,500 to $4,000 or more depending upon the materials utilized and also the level of the job. A normal shed has to do with 10 feet by 12 feet. Pricey materials like plastic can raise the cost.

10. What do you put under a shed?

Below are what you will put under the shed to give it a concrete and solid foundation.

#1 Shed Foundation with Concrete Pavers.

#2 Solid Concrete Blocks.

#3 Deck Blocks.

#4 Gravel Pad and Timber Frame.

#5 Skid Foundations.

#6 Plastic Foundations (or Plastic Garden Shed Base Grid)

#7 Kit from Manufacturer.

#8 Concrete Piers and Beams Foundation for a Shed.

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