Garden Log Cabin Ideas, 10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Log Cabin


Are you planning to build a garden log cabin in your backyard to solve storage problems? I have here 10 tips for choosing the perfect garden log cabin ideas.

There is a new and excellent trend in garden design recently, and it is spreading like wildfire. People are choosing to build miniature log cabins in their gardens as secondary dwellings. It is cute, functional, and a great addition that adds value to your home (and gives you a little escape in the middle of your yard).

Log Cabin Ideas – Build A Beautiful cabin With Little Or No Effort

Log cabin ideas can turn the most boring backyard into a luxury getaway. From bathrooms, two decks, and patios, to even garages, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your ideal log cabin.

The first step in creating a log cabin is deciding where you want to build it. If you have a large enough plot of land then, by all means, plan on building it on a piece of property with room to build on.

If you are working on a budget though, then a lot of planning goes into this decision as well. How much wood do you have available? What type of log cabin design will you choose? Do you want to make your own or is there a ready-made log cabin kit that you can buy?

While these things are definitely up to you, always remember that a log cabin is a home, and as such, you will need to consider your home's size, style, and design in order to be certain that it looks good.

When it comes to log cabin ideas, there are literally hundreds to choose from. You can go for a rustic look or something a bit more modern.

You could also opt for a cottage-style log cabin or one that is designed with a European feel. But no matter what you choose, your log cabin will be unique because it was specifically built to suit your own personal tastes.

garden log cabin ideas

Before you start to plan on how to build your log cabin, you first need to decide what sort of logs you want to use. This will help you determine the location of your new home.

Some people like the idea of building their log cabin in a forest preserve. Others prefer a stream or a lake with a pond in the middle. But whatever you choose, you need to find the perfect spot so that you can get an uninterrupted view of nature.

Once you have determined where you are going to build your cabin, the next step is to figure out what sort of furnishings you will use to make it comfortable. Some people like to make use of large, wide-screen TVs and lots of cool, comfortable furniture.

Others prefer to make use of cozy, small sofas and cottages. There are no rules when it comes to choosing your furniture. The important thing is that it makes your log cabin comfortable and fun to live in.

The next step is to find some log cabin blueprints. These designs can be found at any number of different places, from home improvement stores to the Internet. Make sure you look over lots of different ones before deciding on which one you want to build.

It's a good idea to get at least three different plans before you start building your cabin. That way, you can compare them and see which one has the best blueprint for your needs.

Once you have your plans, it's time to start shopping around for materials. There are plenty of hardware stores that sell a variety of different pieces. You'll probably want to buy all of your cabinets and other furnishings at the same time so that you can get a better deal overall.

Look around your local area for builders that specialize in building these types of cabins. If you can't find anyone in your area that offers this particular service, then check online and do a little research.

Building your log cabin does not have to be an overwhelming project for you. You should be able to handle it with a lot of ease once you get started. If you have a clear goal in mind, it will help to keep you on track as you work to build your cabin.

These types of projects don't take long to build and are very enjoyable. Take your time, follow the plans, find a good blueprint, and build your cabin!

10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Log Cabin Ideas

Garden Log Cabin Ideas, 10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Garden Log Cabin Ideas

If you have been considering a building or transplanting a log cabin for the garden, here are 10 tips for choosing the perfect garden log cabin ideas.

1 – Consider Its Purpose

Why do you want a log cabin in your garden? This question is more important than you might think because it is what is going to give you the best ideas moving forward.

For example, if you want something that is more like a gazebo only with more protection, you are going to create a more open-looking cabin with, say, large bay windows and doors. But if you want something more like a Hobbit hole, you need to know it before you begin your designs.

2 – Go With a Guest Cabin

One of the greatest ways to design a more functional log cabin is to make it an actual residence. Guest cabins are a great idea because they establish a secondary dwelling for people to stay, and adds some serious value to your home.

You may think that you need a lot of property for this, such as an expansive estate, or many acres of land. But that isn't true; more people are building guest cabins in their gardens right next to their primary house.

3 – Diversify Your Surrounding Plants

This is more for the aesthetic of the cabin and has more to do with the garden than the dwelling itself. Sometimes people won't take into account the way the garden itself looks, and how it appeals to the design of the cabin.

Or they fail to realize that the simple, rustic appearance of the dwelling will mean countering it with diverse plant life. Try and be more creative in your choices, or it will all look very bland. And on the other side of things, when you select your garden log cabin ideas keep in mind how it will look in the garden itself.

4 – Look Into Eco-Friendly Options

There has long since been an (incorrect) belief that log cabins are less environmentally friendly than other forms of housing. Once upon a time that might have been true, given the use of lumber and some of the chemicals used to treat it.

That hasn't been the case for decades. Responsibly harvested, or even recycled lumber is available. You can find many stains and sealants that are safe for the environment. It isn't hard to remain eco-friendly when building your cabin if you just shop around before making your final purchases.

5 – Treat It Like Your Home

Log cabins require maintenance, so you have to take that into account from the very beginning. That being said, if you treat it the way you would your primary home you will find it much easier to keep up with those required tasks as you go before problems occur.

Get it inspected once a year. Restain and reseal every few years. Treat it for pests. If it has its own electricity and plumbing, make sure they are properly tested regularly to avoid shorts or broken pipes.

6 – Be Careful Who Contracts

There are many contractors out there that can provide a log cabin building service, or who can transplant one already made – an easy option since garden cabins tend to be small and easy to transport and setup.

But this is a major purchase, and it isn't one you should rush into. The wrong contractor can turn the process into a logistics nightmare, not to mention a financial and even legal one.

Do your due diligence when looking into providers, whether they are building, or have already built the structure. Find out what other customers have said, and look at their BBB rating and licensing/insurance info. Be wary of any red flags.

7 – Think In Terms Of Future Use

A friend of mine and her husband chose to build a log cabin in their garden. But when they did it they didn't intend to use it for more than some occasional parties in summer.

Instead, they were focused on what uses there might be in the future. They have a daughter who is currently 14. As she gets older she will want more privacy and independence.

But there is value in staying home through college (like avoiding the costs of a dorm, or off-campus housing). They built their cabin so they could offer her a house to live in in the future.

8 – Make It an Escape Nook

Another way you can look at your garden cabin is as a fun little escape nook. That will inform the dimensions of the cabin itself, as well as indoor features you might implement.

Think of a cabin for instance that has a built-in wall bookcase, and a reading bench by the window. Or a cabin with an entertainment center and bar. It is a home away from home, so design it that way.

9 – Bring the Garden Inside

One of my favorite garden log cabin idea examples I have seen of garden cabins was one that turned it into part-greenhouse.

So it was able to maintain a garden all year long, even as everything died outside. In Winter you could wander into the cabin and see the flowers and plants, smell their sweetness, and get a little taste of Spring even in a blizzard.

10 – Consider Your Log Cabin For The Garden an Investment

Ultimately you are investing in a major renovation that is going to improve the value and function of your overall property.

So when you are designing your cabin keep that in mind, especially when it comes to price. You could go the cheap route and have something you kind of like, or invest fully and have something perfect.

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