Small Shed Plans Ideas to Unlock Your Storage Problem


Are you thinking of building your own quality small shed with proven, professional small shed plans? I have here small shed plans ideas to unlock your storage problems.

I don’t know about you but the reason I built my own shed was that I needed more storage area so I could clean out my garage and finally have the needed room to work on my projects I had on the go. I was also renting a storage area that was costing me hundreds of dollars a year.

I always wanted a small shed in the back yard to store my junk but never had the money to buy one. I also thought about building one but I had no idea where to start. If this sounds like you then I know how you feel and I felt the same maddening feeling every time I tripped over something in the garage, but what I found was a way to build a shed for half the price of buying one.

Small Shed Plans Ideas to Unlock Your Storage Problem


Small Shed Plans Ideas to Unlock Your Storage Problem

Building a small shed is a great way to solve your storage problem.

Sure, most homes have adequate space in areas including closets, cabinets, attics and basements where you can store quite a few things. But where do you put outdoor supplies and equipment such as a lawn mower, snow blower, wheel barrow, weed whacker, shovels and various power tools that won’t fit into the hall closet?

You can store lots of equipment in your garage, if you have one. However, one of the best and most convenient ways to add storage space and improve your property is to build a shed.

Now, I’m not talking about building a giant structure that would overwhelm your property. Small shed plans provide the perfect answer for those of us who don’t have a huge amount of equipment and other stuff that needs to be stored safe and out of sight.

Small shed plans are also the answer for anyone who lives on a small plot of land or where your real estate is otherwise limited.

  • A small shed is easy to build and it is affordable.
  • It will free up other areas of your house or garage
  • It will help you organize your equipment.
  • A small shed will keep your lawn and garden tools safe and out of the way where curious children can’t hurt themselves.

When I decided the time had come to build a small shed that would provide me with more storage space in our backyard, I went on the Internet to look for small shed plans ideas that suited my needs and my capabilities as a do it yourself carpenter.

That’s easy and affordable to build, that will help me to organize all my garden tools and keep them safe and dry.

A good set of small shed plans ideas that shows step by step instructions about how to build a small shed:

Step A: Build the Foundation and Floor Frame.
Step B: Frame the Walls
Step C: Frame the Roof.
Step D: Build the Gable Overhangs.
Step E: Install the Fascia, Sheathing and Roofing.
Step F: Install the Soffits and Sliding.
Step G: Build and Install the Doors.
Step H: Build and Install the Windows and Trim.

My shed plans came with clear, step-by-step instructions, manuals and drawings that gave me the information and self confidence I needed to dive right into this project and do it on my own.

Building a small storage shed was not difficult. And when it comes to do-it-yourself woodworking or carpentry projects, I’m a complete amateur.

If you’ve had it up to here with a cramped garage or a yard cluttered with eye-sore car parts, bicycles and other things you’ve collected, then it’s time to check out this practical outdoor structure solution.

You can devote a couple of weekends to building a small shed. The project should go smoothly and easily if you gather all necessary supplies in advance and have a good set of plans to guide you from start to finish.

When you’re done, you’re sure to be proud of the result. Plus your new shed will make your life easier, and it will improve your property.

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