6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas


Get inspired by this stunning woman cave craft rooms she shed ideas. I have compiled here my favorite 6 woman cave craft rooms she shed ideas you will love.

Not many of us have space, or backyard, or money for one of these structures, so it's one of those rarified trends that doesn't touch upon many people's lives: the very urban definition of extra.

That said, there's something about these buildings that draws me in, and I don't think I'm alone. Let's unpack the backyard shed phenomenon, shall we?

Great Ideas For Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shedded At Home

Are you a creative woman? Do you have a way with words? Then it is time that you started your own craft room. With your own “woman cave” you can be as creative and as flirty as you dare. If you don't know where to start, then here are some ideas that you can use:

Crafts for women are always best when they are on their own. Your imagination should be the only constraint that you put on the activities that you plan to do in your room. You can start by making crafts for yourself or with your friends and family.

You can even get a membership at the nearest craft store so that you can browse through all the different items that are available to you. If you are particularly creative, then this might be the perfect place for you to hone your skills.

Another popular area in which a woman can make crafts is in her kitchen. If you happen to have a large kitchen space, then you can use it to do your part in making a woman cave.

You will be able to make the entire room more stylish if you add a table, chairs and even a serving tray on it. You can personalize the serving trays by painting it in a favorite color or adding embellishments.

One very easy way to personalize your kitchen is by painting the walls in a bright color. You can add pictures of flowers and other pretty objects that will make it look very feminine. For example, if you want to give your room a very French feel, you can add a white and cream color scheme.

If you like an African theme, then add a green tinge to the room. Other than colors, you can also choose accessories and fabrics that will help you create the right ambiance for your cooking area.

Some women prefer to go the extra mile by designing their own rooms. For example, they may decide to have wallpaper printed up with an inspirational saying or a photo of a great lover that has made their heart melt.

They can then paste these decors onto the walls of the entire room so that they are in full view whenever they want to feel inspired. Women can also make up their own quilt using fabrics from their home to make it unique.

One craft project that you can do together with your woman is to make throw pillows. This can be very romantic especially if you have done it before.

All you need to do is to get an arrangement of lovebirds and put them in a pillow case. Make sure that the size of the pillow is proportional to the size of the woman so that it looks very cozy.

Another idea that you can do is to paint one side of the room black and another side pink. You can then use the fabric to make a flower girl bed spread. She can lay it on the end of the bed spread and cover it with a pillowcase and comforter set.

It will look very romantic especially if she wears a little black dress underneath. If you think that this is not enough, you can go ahead to hang a small photo frame or mirror on one of the walls and place a vase filled with flowers in the frame for the lady to admire.

Other woman cave craft rooms ideas include needlepoint projects and quilts. These can be done using fabrics that you would definitely have in your house. In fact, these projects are easy to do. All you have to do is to find the right fabric, a needle and thread and you're good to go.

The other option that you have is to purchase quilts at a craft store. The advantage of this method is that all you have to do is to add some finishing touches like ribbons and bows and it will look like you spent hours in your bedroom making it.

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

1. The Tiny House Effect

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

(Image credit: Kloter Farms)

I unabashedly love miniature things and will write about them as often as I think you guys can handle it. These diminutive buildings, like the cute one above from Kloter Farms, touch some visceral spot deep inside me and practically beg me to put them in my pocket.

It's all I can do not to hug and squeeze them and call them “George.” The snuggle is real. The cuteness doesn't come cheap, however. The 12′ x 16′ shed above, with optional cupola, retails for about $6K, although you can find a less expensive garden shed kits online.

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

(Image credit: Popsugar)

Homepolish designer Paige Morse shared this absolutely adorable, formerly ramshackle, backyard shed which she renovated into a little mini work retreat. The inside is pretty special too:

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

(Image credit: Popsugar)

2. Privacy & Solitude

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

(Image credit: Ann Voskamp)

I live alone and have no need to escape my house on a daily basis, but I understand there are those who'd love to carve out some extra space to do whatever the hell they want.

Think: no kids asking questions, annoying roommates, or partners wanting to watch the Bachelorette when you're into Netflix documentaries.

If you need a space to work or think, or just be alone, a separate shed is pretty dreamy. Ann Voskamp works as a writer in this shed on her farm's property.

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

(Image credit: Junkaholique)

Jewelry artist Artemis Russell uses her little sliver of a shed as a sewing studio. It's packed with, not just reclaimed finds, but a number of small space storage solutions.

This Oregon “spirit house” was featured in the book She Sheds A Room of Your Own by Erika Kotite.

The 10′ x 10′ shed is made of 100% recycled materials—including a series of old windows that open up and let in the air—and used as a meditation space. Inside you'll find only a rug, makeshift table, and prayer flags.

3. The DIY Spirit

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

(Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens)

While some of these sheds are pretty over-the-top, many are actually pretty basic, made using humble materials and creativity to make them special.

Better Homes & Gardens published this garden shed years ago, which is made from random doors and windows. There's even a PDF if you are interested in building one yourself.

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

(Image credit: Home Depot)

If you don't like the idea of starting from scratch, buy a pre-made shed from Home Depot and customize it yourself. (Most of their prices appear to include installation.) Kristen Whitby customized and decorated one similar to this one and it became a beautiful retreat in her backyard.

4. Happy Marriage of Indoors and Outdoors

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

(Image credit: Lobster and Swan)

The best backyard sheds are the ones that are a real part of the backyard. Regular homes don't usually open up completely to the outdoors, but uninsulated seasonal buildings have that luxury.

The “summer house” seen above was redone by Lobster and Swan for U.K.-based Walton's and might be one of my favorites. At 8′ x 10′, it's just big enough for a sofa really, but the doors swing entirely open.

This model retails for £1,2499 and Jeska outfitted it using paint, adding reclaimed walls, and choosing rustic decor.

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

(Image credit: Alice in Scandiland)

Alice of Scandiland has two young kids and works as a stay-at-home mom. She finds this backyard shed the perfect spot to get away for a while.

(Also lead image above.) Although the French doors do shut, I bet they wind up open more often than not.

5. Good ‘Ol Eye Candy

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

(Image credit: Light Locations)

As a very visual person, some of these are just plain lovely to look at, especially older reclaimed structures in idyllic settings straight out of an old merchant-Ivory movie.

It's hard not to cast oneself in the role of the remote heroine when you see them, something the Light Locations folks know, which is why so many of these picturesque structures are available for photoshoots.

The one-room shed above can be found in the backyard of an equally gorgeous home outside London.

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

(Image credit: Country Living)

Although garden designer Susanne Hudson calls this space a potting shed, it's reading more as a glass conservatory on a grand old English estate.

It's so tastefully done, and perhaps more geared towards drinking wine with friends than a spot for slinging actual soil.

6. Fantasy Decorating

6 Stunning Woman Cave Craft Rooms She Shed Ideas

(Image credit: Jungalow)

I'm totally owning this woman cave craft rooms she shed ideas but realizes it might sound crazy to others.

But as someone who looks at an empty room and sees a blank canvas, the idea of decorating a room just for fun, without having to worry about practical concerns, like plumbing or storage, is extremely compelling.

It's like a giant one-roomed dollhouse just for your personal enjoyment. Justina Blakeney got the opportunity to outfit the shed above for a branded event and fundraiser, which I bet was just about the most fun ever had by a human.

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